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Construction Fencing Made Easy

Construction Fencing - TopFenceHire.comMesh fencing is a must for a big construction, building or demolition jobs. It is needed to secure off areas, section off clear danger areas, avoid debris being scattered around and make sure it is safe for pedestrians walking near.

Construction fencing is also needed mainly for security. A lot of these big construction sites will have lots of expensive equipment inside, and metal fencing in necessary in warding off intruders who may have other thoughts other than just wanting to have a quick look around.

We have a variety of fencing available to help with making your construction site secure we have anti climb fencing, metal hoarding and plastic road barriers and of course pedestrian barriers.

Whatever your Construction Fencing needs are, anywhere in the UK, we can supply you with the right kit at the right price and the right time. Call us on 0844 288 7267 or fill out this easy 1-minute form to get more info from our fully qualified Construction Fencing team.

We Love Construction Fencing at!

If you need construction fencing, then you want to deal with a crew that is passionate about:

  • giving you the best advice
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We are that crew! can sort all of your construction site fencing needs across the UK from London, Birmingham, and Manchester to construction fencing in Scotland and Wales, and everywhere in between.

Our fencing services have been used by construction companies, TV production companies, on film sets and festivals.

Barriers from can be hired long or short term (you just tell us how long you need them for!)

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