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  • Going out with a bang: everything you need to know about Bonfire Night

    Posted 04 Oct 2016

    Remember, remember! Autumn seems to have crept up on us and 2016 is speeding by that we’re struggling to keep up with it. Where has the year gone? With this, November is just around the corner, whic...

  • event fencing hire

    Posted 14 Jul 2010

    Was watching the highlights of Glastonbury today and although I can't get enough of Shakira and her impressive hip gyrations, something else caught my attention... yup, that's right, all those lovely&...

  • hire of temporary fencing

    Posted 12 Jul 2010

    Organising a village fete, garden party or outdoor concert? If you're looking for the Hire of temporary fencing then you've come to the right place. is the one stop shop for all your ...

  • pedstrian barriers

    Posted 10 Jul 2010

    God I love fences. I just love 'em. I wish my house was big enough so I could surround it with all the different type of fencing we do. It would be a fencing paradise. A Meccah for fence lovers. I wou...

  • fencing hire manchester

    Posted 08 Jul 2010

    A customer who was looking for Fencing Hire Manchester this morning, told me about this video they found on YouTube. He must have a bit of weight behind him to get that Heras down. Take a look. ...