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fencing hire lincoln what not to do

10 May 2010

OK, we know we said hiring fencing is easy peasy, but as a fencing hire Lincoln job recently taught us, sometimes we need to make doubly sure that everyone is briefed on what NOT to do when you need fencing onsite. DO: Make sure people are onsite to receive the fencing panels on delivery. Make sure you hire enough panels (we’ll help with that) Make sure that the ground the fencing is going on is firm and not swampy bogland. Make sure that you’ve got people to gather all the fencing when you’ve finished. DON’T: Give the wrong address for delivery! Ask if you can paint the fence panels!! Take the fence panels away from the delivery site to another address by yourselves. That’s all – pretty straightforward and you’ve got our helpful and smiley fencing crew on hand on 0800 856 7970 to answer any queries you might have. If you are looking for fence hire in Lincolnshire and you want a local fencing hire services that are reliable, trusted and affordable, then call us today.

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