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corrie star crashed into road barriers

14 Apr 2010

Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas has been fined after he admitted crashing his car in to some road barriers and leaving the scene. The 25-year-old got in a passing taxi after his Chrysler smashed into crash barriers at the junction of Cambridge Street and the Mancunian Way in October last year. He was hit with a £2,020 fine, given five penalty points on his licence and ordered to pay £50 costs. Manchester magistrates court heard how the actor, who plays builder Jason Grimshaw in the soap, left the scene because he became intimidated by a group of spectators who recognised him and began photographing the incident. The smash came just days after he got his licence back following a 21-day ban for speeding on the M6 toll road. Thomas, who was represented by ‘Mr Loophole’ Nick Freeman, pleaded guilty to failing to stop after the crash on the Mancunian Way and failing to report it to police. Concrete road barriers can be vital in protecting workers, preventing additional damage and potentially saving other lives.

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