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security fencing saves the terrapins

25 Mar 2010

Security fencing has been built to protect the livelihoods of terrapins in New Jersey. The two foot fence is being built along the side of the road during nesting season. The reason the conservation measure is being taken is because a local terrapin population with such a high mortality rate may not be able to sustain itself in the future. The decision was made to install the fence based on studies and work by other organizations. The Wetlands Institute of Stone Harbor started a Barrier Fencing Project in 2004 along Stone Harbor Boulevard and the terrapin mortality rate on average has been reduced approximately 84 percent, according to information on the Web site Terrapin Conservation at The Wetlands Institute. Terrapins would be forced to nest on the outside edge of the fence or where nesting habitat could be created or enhanced. Terrapins also would be forced to use creeks to travel from one side of the road to the other.

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