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temporary fencing

25 Feb 2010

Last week we did a delivery of temporary fencing to a site in Central London. It’s an 18th century building which was used as a dosshouse for men who had nowhere to sleep. Nowadays it is a firm of top class lawyers who make their money out of the divorces of the rich and famous. We set up the temporary fencing and tidied all the packaging away and put it in the van and the driver spotted a famous TV presenter leave the building with an aide. We’d love to spill the beans on who this TV presenter is who is seeking a divorce from her equally famous husband but we don’t like to gossip. However, if you sign up for an account with us at, we might spill the beans! Call us for information on 0800 856 7970 on temporary fencing, heras fencing, steel hoarding and any other fencing you might think of (apart from the sport – we’re not too good at that type of fencing).

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