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heras fencing hire erection

09 Nov 2009

If you have any Heras Fencing hire, you will more than likely have to erect and dismantle the fencing yourself so we have compiled a step by step guide to erecting the fencing quickly and easily first things first be prepared . SAFETY CLOTHING. Hard hats, safety footwear, re-enforced gloves and overalls should always be worn when erecting 
and special care should be taken as the protruding ends of the wire mesh can sometimes be sharp.

STEP 1. Position fencing bases along the proposed fence line using a spacing gauge (a piece of timber cut to suit will suffice) The panels are supported by inserting the side posts into the holes cast in the center of the base. Each base is cast with at least 4 post support positions for flexibility of use and hand hold positions in each end of the base.
STEP 2. The fence panels are then carefully placed in position. This is best done with more than one person helping.
STEP 3. With all the panel in position, security clamps should then be placed approximately 650mm from the top of the panel, across the adjoining side posts- a 20mm box type spanner is required to secure the clamp with the central nut and bolt. Alternatively we offer a erection and dismantle service on all of our fencing so if you are stuck for time or just want somebody else to do it Let us know and we will be happy to help. (this information is to be used as a guideline only and we accept no liability for any accident or injury caused)

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